How ethbox Can Help Generate Passive Income

3 min readApr 2, 2021

ethbox offers a number of unique safety and privacy features to help those sending and receiving cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum blockchain. These features make ethbox the pinnacle of transacting ETH securely across the globe. However, this isn’t all ethbox is good for. Backed by its own deflationary token, $EBOX — -ethbox offers a number of great ways for holders to generate a passive income. Let’s have a look at how:

Multiple sources of income with $EBOX

Holders of $EBOX can grow their wealth passively in a number of ways. While nobody is suggesting you give up your day job straight away, the growth in value of many cryptocurrencies has seen many people forge a better financial outlook. You’ve probably seen how much Bitcoin and even Ethereum have gone up in the last few months and years — -but they aren’t the only tokens you can generate a viable income with.

While Bitcoin has obviously been generating the most news — -it actually only provides one source of income. The only real way you can make money with Bitcoin is because of a growth in the value of the coin. Those gains will only be realized when any holdings are sold. With $EBOX, there are multiple ways to grow your wealth, including when simply holding the token. In other words, you can realize gains without selling the coin, making it a more viable passive income generator than many other tokens.

Staking with $EBOX

Staking generates a passive income for $EBOX holders for 4 years. 18% of the total $EBOX token supply will be held back and reserved for staking rewards. This will help generate a sustainable income for all $EBOX holders and stakers.

Shared payouts from $EBOX fees

While the fees for ethbox users are progressive and competitive, $EBOX token holders will also benefit from shared payouts. 25% of all fees taken will be shared out between $EBOX holders — -a unique benefit that sets this token apart from many others in the crypto space.

Growth in the value of $EBOX

If you simply want to buy and hold $EBOX, the value of your holdings should continue to grow over time. The prospects for the growth of $EBOX are great, making it a viable investment, especially when you bear in mind the other revenue-generating options $EBOX gives.

As with other cryptocurrencies, $EBOX can be bought and held for either short or longer periods. While your funds won’t be realized until you sell, this can be supported by the other passive income streams available with $EBOX.

In this article, you can see some key reasons for the future growth of EBOX.

It’s worth remembering that the future growth of $EBOX is strong because of the additional revenue streams the token brings, not just alongside them. As more and more people see the benefits of $EBOX, more will buy — -driving the price up over time.

ethbox discounts

Every $EBOX token holder also gets a discount and reduced service fees for every ethbox transaction. That means if you’re using ethbox to secure your transactions, you’ll pay lower fees if you’re an $EBOX holder. Over time, lower fees really do add up — -so you’ll be earning by saving with ethbox and $EBOX. This is especially useful if you send large amounts of cryptocurrency more frequently.

As you can see, there are a number of key reasons why $EBOX could be one of the best tokens around for generating income, both in price growth and via a variety of different passive income streams.

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