7 Reasons for the Growing Value of ethbox ($EBOX)

5 min readMar 30, 2021

What is ethbox?

ethbox is a service that accounts for a few major issues that arise from cryptocurrency trading. One of these major issues is the issue of sending funds to the wrong address. ethbox provides a way for cryptocurrency sent to the wrong address to be retrievable. Sending crypto to the wrong address, whether due to mistyping it or completely mistaking it, can be financially detrimental.

This is why ethbox requires two-factor authentication that includes both authenticating the address of the recipient and the entry of a designated passphrase.

Before the recipient can retrieve the transferred funds, they must authenticate the recipient address via MetaMask and the passphrase that is chosen by the sender for the transaction. In addition, ethbox allows the sender to retrieve sent funds as long as the receiver has not yet received and accepted them.

Reasons for the Growing Value of ethbox ($EBOX):

  1. Deflationary mechanism — Token burns
  2. Staking for passive income — Decreases supply
  3. Payout from fees
  4. Allocation to marketing
  5. Discount for token holders
  6. The DAO aspect
  7. DUCK promoted tokens historically increase in value

Let’s dive into them in detail. `

Deflationary mechanism — Token burns

The value of $EBOX is predicted to grow over time. There are a few main reasons for this predicted growth. ethbox charges a small fee for the service, and an added fee for the privacy feature. Part of the fees generated are used to buy back more $EBOX tokens. These tokens that are bought back are then burned. As tokens are bought back and burned, the shrinking $EBOX supply causes growth in its value. This is a deflationary mechanism built into $EBOX to give long-term holders profit.

Staking for passive income — Decreases supply

$EBOX can be staked for the first four years to generate passive income. 18% of the token supply of $EBOX is reserved for staking rewards. $EBOX staking has two levels.

The actual APY will be determined based on the total staked $EBOX. Let’s look at an example to see how these two levels work.

Let’s assume that we have in total 10,000 $EBOX (to make the calculation easier for understanding) for staking rewards and only 2 people are staking, one at each level.

1) Staking 6,000 $EBOX at 1x = 6,000 Staking Power = 476 $EBOX

For every 1 $EBOX: 0.079 $EBOX will be received.

2) Staking 60,000 $EBOX at 2x = 120,000 Staking power = 9523 EBOX

For every 1 $EBOX: 0.1587 $EBOX will be received.

As we can see, the staking rewards are generous and it gets more exciting on the higher level.

Payout from fees

$EBOX holders will gain a share of fees earned by ethbox as regular payouts. This will increase as ethbox transactions increase. Coupled with the fact that the first 4 years will provide staked-passive-income along with payouts from fees, most token holders are not likely to sell. After the 4 years, ethbox would have grown to a level where the payout from fees is much higher to yield far better ROI for the token holders, reducing the reason for investors to sell. They rather hold and enjoy the passive income with no effort on their part. Or maybe they can take a moment to tweet about how ethbox’s passive payout makes their life better?

Allocation to marketing

ethbox has allocated a portion of their fees to marketing. This will mean that ethbox will be marketed well, known by more people and users will constantly increase. Investment in marketing almost always leads to massive growth. The growth of modern tech companies and their very high valuation is a good example of what marketing can do to the value of ethbox and its associated token $EBOX.

Discount for token holders

The next reason for the projected increase in the value of $EBOX is the discount in fees ethbox provides for holders of $EBOX tokens.

This discount increases as holders hold more and more tokens. There is an added discount for those who hold the DDIM or DUCK tokens as well. Token holders are incentivized to hold their tokens more than sell them. Hence the value of the tokens, and usage of ethbox as well, will increase.

The DAO aspect

The governance aspect of being able to vote and influence the decisions and the future of the platform is of interest to many who find value in ethbox as a service. This will enable many segments of the users to hold the $EBOX token as they see a bright future for the platform and want to be a part of that decision-making process. More reasons to hold = growing value of $EBOX.

DUCK promoted tokens historically increase in value

The final reason for the expected growth of ethbox is the fact that $DUCK promoted tokens have a tendency to grow in value as people hold them. As stated earlier, when holders are incentivized to hold their tokens, the value of the tokens and of ethbox will increase.

Below is an analysis of various past $DUCK projects and its current values at the time of writing this.

In conclusion, ethbox’s value will continue to increase as time goes on due to the increase in the value of $EBOX tokens and vice-versa.

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